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Baleadas, Preaching, Lessons, and Games (Day 5)

Wednesday was another action packed day.  We started in the morning with Brad sharing a devotional with the group.  He took us to James and reminded us to be joyful in trials as God is using them to build us up and shape us more closely to His image.  We had a few sweaty hours in the kitchen with the kitchen staff making baleadas.  This is the national dish, which includes fresh tortillas filled with beans and cheese and creama.  While I...

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Buenos Dias from Honduras! (Day 3 & 4)

It has been a busy last few days so I apologize for not sending a post yesterday but I will attempt to summarize and share the last 2 days with you this morning. Day 3 - Good Gifts. Monday was a day that I have anticipated for the last 3 years. It came with some fear and much excitement. What do I mean? I have spent the last 3 years building "relational capital" with my now dear friends, the pastors of the church here. It was made evident to...

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A Sweet Visit with Rigo and Heather (Day 3)

Sunday was a more restful day, we were able to do some exploring with some of the staff during the day. In the evening we went to the downtown church location for their evening service. This was followed by a chance to take Rigo and Heather out for supper. It was a wonderful time spent listening, encouraging, loving, strategizing and laughing. I thank God for allowing us this opportunity and trust it was edifying for Heather and Rigo. They have...

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A Bible Study Framework for CDI High School Students (Day 2)

Our first full day in Honduras was Saturday. After breakfast with our host family, Jessica ran some errands and visited with Heather while Brad and I spent the morning with two of the teachers. Peter and Harley work with the Junior high and High school age kids at CDI. The CDI program in La Ceiba is the first and only to extend the program past 6th grade and continue ministering to the teens. This is a wonderful opportunity to continue...

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A little bit of craziness, but a whole lot of blessing!

The last few days have been a whirlwind.  Our flights were delayed and cancelled.  Instead of arriving in Honduras on Friday, we took a flight Friday evening from Milwaukee to Chicago and spent the night there.  We left our hotel at 2:00am to catch an early flight from O'hare to Miami. After a 2 hour layover in Miami we flew from FL to San Pedro Sula.  The airport is only 75 miles away from La Ceiba, but due to mountains and poor roads,...

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2 for 1

Buenos Dias Amigos! We have had an action packed 2 days at CDI. Monday was our first normal day there, since Friday we held the soccer tourney. We also spent the morning helping in the kitchen making lunch for the kids. We got a tortilla making lesson in the process, which we can all attest is hard work, especially when you are making them for 100+ people! After helping the kitchen staff we began our names of God devotional with the kids. After...

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