Our first full day in Honduras was Saturday. After breakfast with our host family, Jessica ran some errands and visited with Heather while Brad and I spent the morning with two of the teachers. Peter and Harley work with the Junior high and High school age kids at CDI. The CDI program in La Ceiba is the first and only to extend the program past 6th grade and continue ministering to the teens. This is a wonderful opportunity to continue investing in these young lives, but does not come without some challenges. CDI has instituted more of an Awana type program to bring needed structure. However, it is a struggle to reach kindergartners up to high school students without going over some heads or making others feel like they are being talked down to. I had been asked to consider a teaching strategy that could work for the older kids but fit within the framework of what the younger kids are learning. I chose to offer them what we have been doing on Sunday nights with both the teens and adults. If you are not familiar, we use a chart Pastor Aaron developed called "Bridging the gap". The chart walks us through what to do to bridge the gap of a text from the original recipients to us today. We consider the Time bound context (what did it mean to them historically), Timeless Principles (what can all Christians in any time claim), and Timely Application (how can I apply this to my life today). By taking the greater passage that the younger kids are learning and teaching the older students to dig deeper, we are teaching them to study the Bible for themselves while staying consistent with the younger kids. This seems like a big task and it is, but the two men are excited to apply this new concept and I believe God will help them succeed. Will you pray with me for them? After our meeting, we spent the remainder of our day at Heather and Rigo's home, hanging ceiling fans, and painting their nursery in preparation for their new little one. We finished the day by attending their evening service and worshiping with our dear friends. A busy but wonderful day. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Your fellow servant in Christ,