Wednesday was another action packed day.  We started in the morning with Brad sharing a devotional with the group.  He took us to James and reminded us to be joyful in trials as God is using them to build us up and shape us more closely to His image.  We had a few sweaty hours in the kitchen with the kitchen staff making baleadas.  This is the national dish, which includes fresh tortillas filled with beans and cheese and creama.  While I spent most of the rest of the day finishing up lesson plans and sermon preparation, Jessica and Brad worked along side the staff with the kids.  This week's theme is Cain and Abel, so the lessons and games have had a focus on listening and obeying.  Jessica created a fun obstacle course for them which made them listen carefully and obey all of the rules.  The kids loved it!  I had another time of training with the Pastors in the late afternoon followed by supper and the evening service.  In the evening service, I had the opportunity to share God's Word with the congregation. We finished the night at the home of friends we have stayed with the last two trips.  They fed us until we couldn't eat another bite and entertained us until we could laugh no longer.  It was a great day with much accomplished.  Thank you Lord for your power and strength to get us through! Your fellow servant in Christ Andy