Our mission team will be joining our missionary, Heather Maradiaga, who works with Latin America Missions in Honduras.


We cannot do it alone.

Our calling at Latin America Mission is to GO WITH Christians across the Americas who are rising up to heal our world. We are a global community of believers transforming lives, achieving more together than we ever could by ourselves. In every neighborhood in every country on Earth today, things are not as they should be. A child is dying of preventable disease. A man is trapped in the cold grip of the street. A girl is forced into the business of selling herself. A city swims in lives lived without the hope of Christ. A thousand shades of heartbreak, a thousands tales of hope God yearns to write. Latin America Mission (LAM) believes God created the church as the vehicle to heal our world. We believe that the church is global, and that uniting churches in North America with churches in Latin America and beyond is the best way to transform the most lives. We do not view redemption as a project, but as a way of life. We choose to work together with Christians around the world, living strategically among hurting people to help meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We mobilize missionaries from diverse cultures and walks of life, and train and equip indigenous leaders who will steer their communities toward the love of Christ. A diverse community of servants, LAM workers and partner ministries span dozens of countries on five continents. Since our humble beginning more than 90 years ago as a single visionary missionary couple, our vision has not changed: To see every human transformed by the message of Christ in word and deed, and to GO WITH any of God’s people across the Americas who want to see the same. One thing is sure, we cannot do it alone. Join us.